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Lower & Upper Back Pain Massage & Back Problems

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Whether it’s your grandparent, a sibling, a spouse, or a child, back pain is something that someone in our life suffers from. The thing is, there are many types of back pain that can cause problems, and while the pain itself may be similar, the causes and treatment of it are very different. In order to treat it, we have to learn about it properly. As you will read further below on this article. A type of massage is one of the treatment options that can be used. A remedial massage technique is one of the best massage methods to address this. See more details on this healing and at the same time relaxing type of massage style.

back pain and back problems

upper & lower back pain treatment & relief for back problems

Back Problem Types

As you can imagine, back problems are the leading cause of back pain. The back is a complex system in our body that can have many different kinds of problems that will lead to the end result of crippling pain, both short- and long-term. Some examples of back pain include:

  • Sciatica (nerve damage)
  • Fractures
  • Disc problems
  • Structural problems (ex: scoliosis)

These back problems with stem from different reasons and have different recovery plans, but they all cause varying amounts of pain in the back.

Back Pain Causes

Another common cause of back pain (other than those back problems discussed above) is a muscle pull or strain that comes from sports injuries or overuse. The less obvious causes of back pain can be stressful environments, poor posture, obesity, and lack of exercise. Remember that exercise and regular movement when sitting is important to keep the body in good health (getting blood flow going and keeping the joints healthy.

Circumstances that contributes to Back Pain

As mentioned briefly, your lifestyle can negatively impact our back’s health. Most of us work in jobs that require us to sit for long periods of time. This means that our backs get stiff and tight, causing problems both short- and long-term. Proper breaks and stretches are critical for making sure that we don’t have any lasting effects of sitting-related tasks. Proper exercise is also important to keeping the back in good working order.

Back Pain Prevention

There are many steps you can take to keep back pain at a minimum including making sure that you take a break every hour from sitting tasks to stretch and walk around for a few minutes. This will keep you limber and free from pain or strain on your back muscles.
You can also prevent it by seeking massages regularly to keep the blood flow healthy in all muscles of your back.

Back Pain Relief & Treatment

Back pain treatment can be through medication to alleviate the pain, proper rest and exercise, massage, physiotherapy, etc. There are many options available, which is great for those who are looking to keep their life moving at the same pace as it always has.

While you may not realize it, a lot of the people in the world suffer from back pain of varying levels. It is up to your doctor and yourself to properly diagnose its cause and find a treatment plan that works for both of you, so if you feel that you are suffering already, getting into see your doctor is the first step to a pain-free life.


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