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ATMS Accredited Practitioner

Australian Traditional Medicine Society Registration Number 5697

Member Since 1995

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We Welcome Referrals from Medical Specialists, General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Gyms and Medical Centres.

Mabuhay Therapeutic Massage is a Sydney-based residential massage therapy practice bringing healing, stress relief and relaxation for your better health. Mabuhay uses targeted massage to release muscular and nervous tensions, to alleviate pain and to encourage greater mobility and flexibility in tight and stiff areas of the body. We service a broad range of customers, from those looking for relaxation and relief from general aches and pains, to those with more specific and serious concerns.

Massage for health and wellbeing

Massage for health and wellbeing


We provide remedial treatments for conditions such as frozen shoulder and other shoulder complaints, stiff neck, back pain, tennis elbow and other repetitive strain injuries, migraine and sciatic nerve pain, amongst others. We offer primary care and on-going recuperative strategies for those who have sustained sports-related injuries. Our sessions also go hand-in-hand with your current rehabilitation treatment plan following an injury from a major car accident, for example, or during the recovery process from heart surgery, a stroke or other illness; consistent massage sessions have been shown to be highly effective in achieving faster recovery. In addition, Mabuhay provides a professional and caring service for clients with disabilities and special needs.

All massage sessions are specifically tailored to you. A careful assessment of your needs is always the first step. Attention to specific body parts can provide immediate remedy for certain conditions. Those whose job involves long hours of standing, for instance, will find that attention to the feet and legs brings welcome relief to tired and aching limbs. Moreover, focused attention to particular areas, such as the back, chest, hands, head, face, legs and feet, also taps into key muscular, lymphatic and nerve pathways for fast release of tension and imbalances throughout the body.

Mabuhay draws on a wide array of proven therapeutic techniques to achieve the best possible results.

Massage styles includes: Acupressure – the pressing of specific body points – more info. Aromatherapy – uses special healing essential oils – more info. Deep tissue massage – targets and focuses on the interior layers of the muscles – more info. Lymphatic massage – targets the lymph system – more info. Reflexology – applies pressure to specific body points on hands and feet – more info. Remedial massage – the purpose is to provide healing – more info. Shiatsu – is to identify and heal – more info. Sports massage – improve athletic performance and faster recuperation – more info. Swedish massage – goal is to bring relaxation – more info.


What type of individuals do we cater for? Our current customer base is diverse, comprised of a mix of individuals with varying needs and priorities, Mabuhay serves busy people who are working, studying, playing sports or who are involved in other physical activities entailing strenuous effort over long hours. Our customers include many who are fit and health conscious but keen to maintain a high level of general wellbeing. We also look after a significant component of age pensioners, as well as special needs clients including children and adults with cerebral palsy.


We address each customer’s comfort as the number one priority. We warmly welcome you to try our services. With Mabuhay you will definitely find the treatment that you need.

Our massage studio is easily accessible from Acacia Gardens, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Marayong, Woodcroft, Doonside, Dean Park, Kings Langley, Glenwood, Norwest Business Park, Rouse Hill, Plumpton, Hassall Grove, Colebee, Rooty Hill, Glendenning, Blacktown, Nirimba, Schofields, Riverstone, Bella Vista, Kellyville, Winston Hills, Castle Hill, Baukham Hills, Parklea and the surrounding suburbs of Sydney NSW.

Mabuhay is a recognized service provider with coverage from a range of Health Insurance Companies and Institutions including, BUPA, HCF, NIB, AHM, GUHealth, TUH, Transport Health. Check with us for more.


Our Practitioner.

Is an excellent practitioner with long history of education, specialised training, and professional experiences in the field of massage therapy.

Please see our massage therapist About US page for more information.

You can book an appointment with Mabuhay by calling 0409 364 109. We are located at 62 Eastern Road, Quakers Hill in western Sydney.

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