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recuperate faster with sports massage

Analyzing the Efficacy of Sports massage to performance, healing and recovery

Massage, in the general sense, has been around for thousands of years, designed to provide therapy, treatment and physical rehabilitation. Such as for sciatica massage. Cultural variations and regional disparity has created new forms of massage documented as either therapy or treatment, aside from those that offer perceived comfort and relaxation. The field of sports […]

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Massage Therapy – Information you need to know

Apart from the super relaxed feeling that you get after a proper massage session, massage therapy offers a lot of other therapeutic benefits to your body. Before going into the long-term benefits of massage, let’s try to understand the main reason behind the effectiveness of this amazing therapy. As you might already know, muscular tissues […]

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How to Massage – Overview

Among the best reasons for the art of basic massage is the fact that anybody can perform it. It’s so easy that you could discover the fundamental strokes in one session. It’s the one therapy where one can just feel the right path, because it is in line with the natural man’s instinct to assuage […]

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massage atmosphere

Massage Basics First Step

The first step to giving a good massage is creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere. So shoo the kids and move the pet bird to another room. Turn off the television.     Next close the shades and dim the lights or, if you prefer, light some candles. Unscented candles are the best bet if […]

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For a massage to be effective, good massage technique is the key!

Massage – What is it good for?

From anxiety to tension headaches, massage has been shown to provide relief for a whole host of conditions. Here are just a few. Keep in mind that some of these disorders require professional massage sessions to show improvement. Allergies Anxiety and stress Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid) Asthma Bronchitis Carpal tunnel syndrome Chronic back pain Depression […]

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