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How to cure back pain – A focus on massage therapy and its efficacy in pain relief

Back pain could arise due to different reasons. Before identifying the means on how to cure back pain, it is important to know that depending on the kind of pain a patient experiences, the pain may go away in a few days or weeks, and in certain cases, it does not go away. Especially when considering methods like massage, patients have to level their expectations regarding the efficacy of such nondrug methods. At the end of the day, while upper or lower back massage techniques may have considerable benefits to address back pain, they are only temporizing, so they are ideal complements for long and short term pain management strategies.

massage therapy for back pain cure?

massage therapy for back pain cure?

Understanding back pain

The most common complaint of most working adults and senior citizens, back pain can be caused by sports or exercise related strains, slips, falls and specific health conditions. Back pain also varies depending on the area affected or where the pain is radiating. Thus, it is ideal to be assessed and property diagnosed by a specialist so they can effectively plan the ways on how to cure back pain specific to the needs of patients. Pain can be considered acute or chronic. Most acute pains on the lower back region can subside in just a matter of weeks though chronic back pain is a recurring condition. Specific conditions like Sciatica and herniated discs may not benefit from massage therapy.

Massage as a treatment

According to an article at WebMD, massage is a potent modal to reduce the pain that a person experiences after traumatic conditions, or diseases that could cause pain and suffering at the back. A patient suffering from accident, arthritis and fibromyalgia has affected her life. After undergoing massage therapy complementing other therapeutic methods.

According to the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Heath care, particular types of massages such as acupressure can help relieve or reduce the pain up to several weeks with the accompaniment of stretching and certain forms of exercise. According to their article on massage and lumbago, massage is deemed to have relaxing benefits while also stimulating the number of hormones such as endorphins (theory). Another theory behind the efficacy of massage is how it also stimulates the nervous system to relieve pain.

Studies from the Cochrane Collaboration indicated in their comprehensive study on massage and back pain that it is massage, in conjunction with other therapeutic methods and possibly, pain killers, can produce a more effective result on relieving pain and effectively providing comfort to the patients.

At the moment, studies have been inconclusive in determining the most effective massage method to relieve pain. Since there are different methods in handling massage as well as unique techniques to apply pressure as well as the training and capability of therapists, this area still requires considerable research and analysis to ensure maximum results.

Relief, but not cure

How to cure back pain is a complex process. It involves proper diagnosis of the condition of a patient, before making the right treatment. Massage is one modality to relieve pain and improve posture. Sadly, massage alone is not a cure for back pain. Applying pressure may be significantly beneficial to relieving areas directly affected by the pain but it might not be a thorough method to address other areas that require attention. According to an Article from the Institute of Work and Health, the purpose of massage in medical therapy is to improve pain management and also to increase function. Also, when it comes to chronic pain massage is not a one-time solution. It can be implemented as a continuous treatment option to ensure effective management of pain.

Massage still is a preferred accompaniment on how to cure back pain

While the results of massage may not offer permanent results, as a solution for immediate and effective relief, the Cochrane Collaboration has also pointed out that massage is a more effective modality for relief compared to methods like acupuncture, education and relaxation. In fact, the effectiveness of massage can be compared to the benefits of back support or corsetry while spinal manipulation is deemed a more potent method. Nevertheless, it is more ideal to specific forms of low back pain. Other conditions might not benefit from massage and might require more effective methods.

Pain can affect any person and cause suffering. While there are standard medical treatments to address pain of the back, there are also unique methods such as massage to boost the overall welfare of the person while improving the perception of back pain. It is ideal to consult a doctor first before having a treatment or procedure to ensure that you are getting the relief that you require.



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