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Remedial Massage Relaxing & Healing Benefits

What is Remedial Massage?

The purpose of remedial massage is to provide a healing, relaxation and as a supplementary recovery treatment to an individual. The remedial massage method can be mild or powerful.

It is recommended to see a local doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or other registered health professional first before consulting with a massage therapist.

When the tendons and muscle tissues become stiff, inflexible, tight or injured, remedial massage is the type of massage recommended. It treats the particular discomfort holistically for the entire body.


remedial massage style technique

remedial massage style technique


The massage is implemented on your skin with a special massage oil for a smoother and comfortable rub and stroke. It ensures the target tissue, tendon or joint are presicely hit.

Stretching are also used to achive complete injured area stimulation. Remedial massage is specific in identifying and stimulating injured tissues which will help accelerate the human body’s healing and recovery system.


Remedial Massage in Blacktown Area and Western Sydney NSW

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Physical injury and conditions that are succesfully treated by the help of remedial massage:

Achilles Tendon(Achilles tendinitis)


Achilles Tendon massage treatment

Achilles Tendon Injury and Pain


Achilles tendinitis is often the outcome of physically demanding, extensive exercise, like running or playing basketball. If you disregard it, Achilles tendinitis may cause the tendon to rip or tear, and as a consequence it is essential to get the required preventative solution like massage techniques that target such conditions. Occasionally, the solution can be as easy as receiving proper rest or trying another established workout plan. Nevertheless, in worst case scenario, surgical procedure is what is recommended. Remedial massage together with recommended exercises according to Dr. Thomas C. Michaud will achieve the required result – New Exercises For Fixing Achilles Injuries –

Frozen Shoulder


Massage for Frozen Shoulder

Massage for Frozen Shoulder


Frozen shoulder which is also called adhesive capsulitis in medical terms, is tightness, soreness, and restricted mobility of ones shoulder. See Treatment and Causes of Frozen Shoulder. This condition usually occurs after an injury or excessive use or from illness like being diabetic or high blood pressure. Muscle and ligament tissues surrounding the joint tighten, scar flesh develops, and shoulder mobility end up uncomfortable and sore. The problem normally accumulates gradually, then also leaves bit by bit throughout the span of twelve months and sometimes more. Paola Bassanese an award-winning massage therapist said that massage and physiotherapy will work very well – Treating Frozen Shoulder –

Pulled Hamstring Injury


massage helps recovery of pulled hamstring injury

massage helps recovery of pulled hamstring injury


Massage helps to increase the rate of recovery of a pulled hamstring injury by stopping all the new tissue growing disorganised on top of it. When a muscular tissue is strained, the body’s system normal reaction is to build new tissues all over it. Now the latest and newly formed tissues are all over the place, so the purpose of massage is to break all this disorganised flesh which helps correct and realign muscle tissues in a manner that lessens cicatrix tissue. A massage therapy treatment for pulled hamstring study was done on 34 normal female subjects between the ages of 18 and 35 years with success – The Effects of Massage to the Hamstring Muscle Group on Range of Motion –


Remedial Massage Benefits

Remedial massage will assists you to condition and re-adjust your whole body. Following a massage, you will realise that you are a lot more conscious of your physical posture.

With all the advance technology for us to make life easier, people these days are now staying longer in one position, like watching bluray, playing playstation or drive their car seated for lengthy stretches, mostly on a bad posture.

Most of us could slouch and put strain on our backbone, put our head on an awkward position whilst inside a vehicle resulting to various body pains or pick up and hold on to a large bulky case that affects the upper legs and shoulder muscles, and later on when we deciced to move and change positions, that can result in back pain discomfort.

Customers usually say that people have no idea that their body are inflexible, until one gets to experience the massage. This experience gives understanding about our physical body’s inflexibility and tight areas revealed by the massage strokes, which also assists individuals move properly and do different physical tasks with increased understanding and improved body posture.


massage helps correct posture

massage helps correct posture


Customers frequently recognize much simple improvements in their body after they’ve had a massage, noticing once they begin to become inflexible again. To avoid this body and muscle inflexibility from setting up frequently, our advice is to do stretching exercises, schedule a massage session routinely, be aware of your bad physical posture to avoid inflexibility coming back sooner. This advice will give you precautionary measurement for your wellbeing.

Most massage therapists also knows swedish massage and have completed further education and learning from accredited massage therapy courses, that involves further thorough study and certification in the human body and it’s anatomy.

Such additional skills and insight allows the practitioner to hold out a credible evaluation and provide the correct approach for a broad spectrum of ailments. It is obviously better to consult your local family physician prior to having a massage session for a particular problem that may never be associated or can be corrected by different level of any kind of massage techniques.

You are welcome if you are coming from blacktown, castle hill or anywhere around the sydney area.


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