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Frozen Shoulder – Causes and Treatment

There are a lot of health conditions out there that can negatively impact your life both in short term or long term intervals. There are all sorts that you know about like tendonitis, for example, but then there are some that need to be talked about a little more in order to get the word out about it, so that way the right treatment can be found, and more people can find relief from it when it hits them. Proper diagnosis is critical to treatment, after all.

frozen shoulder causes and treatments

frozen shoulder causes and treatments

Frozen Shoulder – What is it?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that will set it after an injury of some kind, often from a stroke, and will cause the entire area to become locked up and hard to use. This can be a common injury for those in sports, who will overuse the joint and muscle causing an injury that will create the ideal situation for frozen shoulder to set in.

Frozen shoulder is fairly common, though it is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Men and women between the ages of 40 to 70 are at high risk of developing frozen shoulder, as are those who have recently had surgery done in the related area.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder

As mentioned previously, frozen shoulder is often caused by an injury or a surgery that will cause the area to be locked up and otherwise pained. Frozen shoulder forms internally when the join stiffens causing painful movement of the shoulder area. Additionally, scar tissue will form and make movement much harder and painful, as everything is linked together and will create a painful area that can be debilitating for those suffering.

Diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder

The good news about frozen shoulder is that it can be easily diagnosed through a combination of a physical exam of the area as well as an X-Ray of the area. With proper diagnosis, frozen shoulder can be taken care of fairly easily.


There are several treatment options available for frozen shoulder depending on the severity of it as well as the needs/usage of the patient. With most frozen shoulder treatment plans, A type of remedial massage is most of the time part of it. See what are the benefits of a supplementary massage treatment that is healing in nature. Physiotherapy is often a common treatment plan that many doctors will recommend so that the area can be stretched and the pain can be lessened in a controlled setting by a professional.

Additionally, frozen shoulder can be treated with pain medication, be it general or an anti-inflammatory one. This is often a common treatment option that is combined with physiotherapy to expedite a recovery.

Frozen Shoulder Prevention

Some causes of frozen shoulder – such as those related to sports injury or overuse – can be prevented by proper resting times as well as regular scans to see if any scar tissue is forming. That being said, many patients suffering from frozen shoulder get it for unknown reasons, so in this way, the only prevention option is regular exams and scans.

Frozen shoulder lasts a few up to a year in most cases and be treated quickly and comfortably for those who get it properly diagnosed.


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