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Deep Tissue Massage

Is a massage technique that targets and focuses on the interior layers of the muscle and connective tissues. Its main purpose is to release stress in your body muscles by applying remedial slow strokes and finger pressure on hardened muscle area of your body. Deep tissue massage is recommended if you are experiencing consistent muscle pain, are engaged in heavy strenuous activity ( also see sports massage and remedial massage), and individuals that previously suffered physical injuries.

deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage

Your health and quality of life are important to you, seeing as they both have a huge impact on how you enjoy your life and all of the things in it, correct? You may think you’re taking perfect care of yourself by exercising regularly, eating right, and making sure you see the doctor at relevant times, but there is more to it than that.

Yes, in fact, part of your health is your spiritual health. This goes far past the idea of making sure that you think about your spiritual health. Think about massage instead. Massage is a kind of health treatment that takes care of your physical and emotional needs, which in turn will take care of your spiritual ones. It’s a win win situation if you look into it seriously for yourself.

There are two kinds of massage to know about: deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Both of these can help you understand their benefits and potential drawbacks.

What is deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage, simply put, is the kind that most people are referring to when they say they aren’t interested in getting a massage. While this may certainly seem off putting, it’s important to remember the context of this comment. A deep tissue massage is the kind that goes the deepest into the muscle. It’s objective is to go into your body and relax the tension in the inner layer of muscles. As such, the massage therapist must get right into the sore part of the muscle and clients can experience some pain during the session as well as stiffness and soreness after the session.

Deep tissue massage is a great treatment idea if you have chronic pain in the legs, lower back, neck, or shoulders. This is often the most effective option as the treatments go right to the root of the problem and work to get the knots and pain out of the deep muscle tissue so that clients get relief from the sessions.

That being said, those who have never gotten a massage before and go straight to a deep tissue massage will often find that they are uncomfortable and in a lot of pain, making them unlikely to return again. The thing is that deep tissue massage uses a lot of the same strokes and exercises as regular massage, it’s just deeper and more thorough.

Therefore, those who have never experienced the relaxation of a typical massage will definitely find that a deep tissue massage is both invasive and intense. It’s always best to try a traditional massage first, and then move onto the deep tissue massage after that so that you can see all of the benefits instead of the bad parts.

If you are uncertain of a deep tissue massage, focus on all of its benefits. It can effectively lessen or completely get rid of chronic pain so that you are more mobile, and it does it all with no medication or complicated treatment. Deep tissue massage also can help you deal with tension in your neck or shoulders from work or stress that is getting to your slowly but surely. Those who find a lot of pain and discomfort there are definitely going to find some easy relief from sessions.

Last but not least, deep tissue massage is great for blood flow, meaning you will have a healthier body that is more in tune with itself and is ready to serve you better, even if you only look into this kind of treatment once in a while. Think about it as an option for sure, you won’t regret it!

The Difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage

There’s a lot to learn when looking at the difference between these two kinds of massage styles. First of all, let’s look at it on the surface. Deep tissue massage focus on relieving chronic, long term pain, meaning that it has to go down into the root of the problem and remove the pain from there. This will create pain in the session at times, as well as pain after the session for a day or two. Those who have quite a lot of chronic pain will find that it takes multiple sessions to relieve it.

The Swedish type of massage is better suited for those who are looking to use massage in treating everyday pains, or stress from work. It can be gentle or deep (see below) and often the treatment will vary from session to session depending on the needs of the client.

Deep tissue massage is best suited for those who have used Swedish massage in the past but are looking for more intense results, or those who need more relief from long lasting pain. For those who are looking for typical results such as relaxed muscles and a calm and controlled mind and body, Swedish massage is typically used more often. For more relaxing but exotic type of massage, see kahuna and lomi lomi massage.

While Swedish massage can be as deep as deep tissue massage, it generally isn’t used in cases such as those as deep tissue is normally recommended. It depends on the needs of the therapist and the desires of the client in terms of making some sort of arrangement work out. Both kinds of massage are popular, thorough, and are used often around North America and Australia by people who trying to find relief from tension and pain.