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Sports Massage

It’s objective is to improve the athlete’s performance and to aid faster recuperation of muscles that are used for the particular sports involved. It is proven to help recovery and gives the athlete more relaxed mind and well being. If you are a professional athlete, sports massage is a must!

sports massage

Good Full Body Sports Massage Therapist Style

Sports massage is a style of massage that helps the body to relax but also used to treat and prevent injuries. It has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Asian cultures have also used it to help both their martial artists and dancers. No matter what sport you are participating in, your body can benefit from it if applied by a Good Full Body Sports Massage Therapist.

Around the world, sports massage is generally known and used for helping treat injuries. Studies from Europe and the United States showed that massage practitioners who studied sports massage can help an athlete perform better and reduce injuries.

Practitioners who offer sports massages are not trained to diagnose sports injuries. They work hand in hand with other medical professional in treating an injury. What you should look for is a practitioner who uses massage as a method to prepare, maintain and make sure your muscles are not tight as opposed to massage that is purely for relaxation.

What Are The Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage is used to help athletes put up with stress that their bodies undergo. There are three main situations a sports massage is done: massage before the sport, massage after the sport, and routine maintenance massage. Each massage situation has its own benefits.

Maintenance massage is done as a component of an athlete’s routine workout preparations. These massages are often conducted at least once a week but totally depends on what you need. The maintenance massages helps increase blood flows to the muscles. Loosen up the tissues, prevent tight muscles from building up and helps you stay nimble so that you can move with your maximum flexibility.

Massage before the sport is done before performing your sport. They are given before a game. These massages helps the body loosen up before a game and gets the athlete ready to perform their peak. Muscles are warmed up and stretched. Your mind also tends to become more focused.
Massage after the sport, helps to calm your body down after a game or serious practice.

Every time you play your body gets stressed and tightens. By getting a massage after your games the micro-tear or micro-injury that are suffered by your body are made sure washed and nourished thru increased blood flows in those areas. Swelling is reduced and muscles become more limber. Should you get any injury during the game the post-event massage also helps to prevent the injury from becoming more serious. Post-event massages are done within a couple hours of an event.

Here are some sports related conditions that have positive results on massage.

  • Muscle sprains
  • Muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain
  • Muscle strain and tension
  • Repetitive strains
  • Sore spots
  • Tendinitis

Precautions on Sports Massage

Massages can work as a treatment for many different ailments but they only work as a help in conjunction with other main form of treatment such as physio and surgery. It is important that you always have a trained specialist diagnose any injuries you may receive.

If you are suffering from any serious medical condition you should always consult a physio or your local doctor before beginning a new medical regimen, this includes sports massage. Infectious diseases, cancer, hernias, inflammation, and aneurysms are just a few examples of the conditions that you should consult a physician for. Some insurance companies might also require a physician referral if you are using massage to prevent a recurring injury.

Before receiving a massage you should verify the training and certification of the practitioner. All accredited and licensed practitioners undergo training and a test from an approval board. These practitioners are the ones that will be best able to help your body. Practitioners are required to provide you with their license number when requested.

If you are an athlete you should strongly consider using massage therapy. Routine massage can help you improve your ability to play and prevent you from sitting out due to injury. Speak with your team doctor or primary physician today to find a massage therapist who can help you out. We welcome different kinds of athletes man or woman, whatever sports you play like muay thai, boxing, golf, soccer, cricket, aussie rules, rugby, AFL, NFL, gymnastics, athletics, track and field, marathon, triathlon, motor cross, cycling, squash, tennis, swimming, skating, hourse riding and other sports, you are definitely welcome. It’s ok if you are coming from penrith, blacktown, richmond, rouse hill, castle hill and suburbs around and near by.


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